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The Forgotten (2004) Amazon
Director: Joseph Ruben

My DVDExtrasReview:

The Forgotten is a subtle Sci-Fi Horror story IMHO. But, what make this DVD exceptional are the special features:

  • DVD includes two versions of the film: the original theatrical cut plus a never-before-seen extended cut with deleted scenes and an alternate ending incorporated!
  • Two Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate Ending
  • Director Joseph Ruben and writer Gerald Di Pego’s running commentary
  • On the set – “The Making of the Forgotten” featurette
  • “Remembering the Forgotten” featurette – a deeper look into the minds behind THE FORGOTTEN
  • Previews

There are two (may be more) versions of this movie available on DVD. The Amazon link above takes you to the one with all the aforementioned special features. The version I am reviewing has only the Extended version (with alternate ending) and the commentary by the director Joseph Ruben and writer Gerald DiPego. The commentary is attached only to the theatrical version of the film but this alone makes it worth buying IMO.

The director and writer (unlike with so many movie commentaries) don’t just talk over the movie, they are watching the movie with you. Their comments are thoughtful and revealing. You really get the sense that these two guys really know and love their craft and had a great time making The Forgotten. They talk about what the audience might be thinking whilst watching the movie, why they made certain decisions and how it helped the performances and story line along. They offer critical analysis of their work without it sounding dry and academic. And I find it pretty rare in most DVDs.

You also get some insights into the acting abilities and acting methods of Julianne Moore and Anthony Edwards. Especially Julianne’s performance and her personality on the set. Really cool stuff. All from the point of view of the director. Director Joseph Ruben is articulate and not pompous in the least. A little sarcasm sprinkled here and there keep the commentary lively and entertaining. I think any student of film making especially those wanting to direct will find this DVD great addition to their libraries.

So, I’d say you have to check out the extras on this DVD.

I give it ★★★★★