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Black Swan (2010) Amazon
Director: Darren Aronofsky

My DVDExtrasReview:

So, everyone’s seen this movie. What a popular film. Although the disc features only one “behind the scenes” extra, it is a good one and covers a lot of ground in 30 minutes.

  • Metamorphosis : A behind-the-scenes documentary with Darren Aronofsky et al

The ‘extras’ starts off with Darren and his crew shooting the subway scene on Dec 7th 2009. Matthew Libatique (cinematographer) and Scott Franklin (producer) and Andrew Weisblum (editor) begin talking about the process they went through to create this beautiful movie. The extras featurette is intercut with final footage and behind the scenes footage. Whoa, that scene with Winona Ryder stabbing herself and the camera crew in frame – pretty intense. Thérèse DePrez (production designer) talks about working with Darren and describes the day-to-day interactions and issues to solve during a shoot. Really liked her.

Natalie Portman talks about working with the director and her process. There is a great discussion about the idea of reflections (mirrors) and the metaphor of a mirror and how big a part of the film it was. There is good information for everybody. But, I think those interested in cinematography and production design will enjoy this the most.

I also thought it was interesting how Matthew uses a digital still camera as his metering device setting its parameters up to reflect the final. There is a good interview here on the subject. The Canon 5D MKII and 7D were used to “film” some of the scenes. In the later part of the extra feature you get to see a cool piece on the visual effects – the metamorphosis of Nina Sayers.

So, I’d say you have to check out the extras on this DVD.

I give it ★★★★★