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It’s Complicated (2009) Amazon
Director: Nancy Meyers

One of my favorite movies. The entire cast is superb and the chemistry is awesome. Well, with Meryl StreepAlec BaldwinJohn Krasinski, and Steve Martin how can you go wrong. There are only two “extras” on this DVD version. There is a Deluxe Version DVD of the movie. But, it appears the only difference is the 2nd disc has a digital copy of the movie.

• The Making of: It’s Complicated
• Feature commentary with Producer/Writer/Director Nancy Meyers, Executive Producer Suzanne Farwell, Director of Photography John Toll, and Editor Joe Hutshing.
  • Although not listed as such there is a “Descriptive Video Service (DVS)” track for the visually impaired or blind person. 

Did you know this was basically shot in NY? The production designer (Jon Hutman) and set decorator (Beth A. Rubino) are just phenomenal. They really had me believing the sets were in Santa Barbara, CA. A lot of the commentary was about the actors themselves. How all the little details a great actor brings to their performance really completes a film, a character, a scene. You gain even more respect for each member of this cast.  Most of the commentary is by Nancy Meyers. You don’t even know John Toll is there until 16 minutes into it!

This commentary track is aimed more at the movie buff rather than those who want to be in the industry as an actor, director, or producer, etc… and learn from the commentaries. And that’s fine. I really found it an enjoyable experience. While you get mostly “the backstory” you do get some insight in the the art of directing. At one point Nancy mentions that she found it helpful (as a director) to listen to the feature commentary by Mike Nichols, the director of The Graduate.

As mentioned earlier, there is a “Descriptive Video Service (DVS)” track for the visually impaired or blind person. Yeah! Kudos to the producers for including this.

I’ve watched the commentary for this film many times and I’ve always enjoyed it.

So, I’d say you still have to check out the extras on this DVD.

I give it ★★★☆☆