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Tropic Thunder (2008) Amazon
Director: Ben Stiller

Ohhhhhh man, this is some funny sh*t! I really love this movie. Even for all the politically incorrectness controversy, it still has to be one of the funniest movies ever. And if you like the movie then you’ve got to watch the commentary and extra features. Because it’s as funny as the movie itself.

• Feature commentary with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. (in character!).
• Blowing Sh*t up
• The Hot LZ
• The Cast of Tropic Thunder
• Make-up Test with Tom Cruise
• Full Mags
• Rain of Madness Trailer
• MTV Movie Awards – Tropic Thunder
This DVD has something for everybody IMO. Well, PTSD aside – for everybody else! The violence is over the top and graphic almost to ludicrous levels – even in the extra features. 
As mentioned before, the commentary is gold. Robert Downey Jr. never breaks character until the very end and well . . . you’ll just have to watch it yourself. Mostly they are reminiscing about their time on the set.
I liked Ben’s short commentary on the SF/X in “The Hot LZ” extra. Blowing Sh*t up extra gives you some insights into their filming process for the spectacular practical fire  effects. The “Cast of Tropic Thunder” extra is better than most with frank conversation and little gems through out. Personally, I thought Robert was robbed at the Oscars. He should have won. Nick Nolte is hilarious in the “Cast” extras. 
In the extra “Full Mags” you get to see great raw footage of Robert and Ben in a scene with close to a dozen running takes and Jack in another scene as well. Never seen a cool feature like this before in an extra. Rain of Madness is a mockumentary of the making of the movie. 
So, I’d say you have to check out the extras on this DVD.
I give it ★★★★★