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The Fast and the Furious (2001) Amazon
Director: Rob Cohen

Rob Cohen directed this iconic film. The one that started the entire empire. With a really strong cast (assembled by Casting Director Ronna Kress) including Paul WalkerVin DieselMichelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster, the movie is an action adventure in the image of the great westerns. Rob Cohen directed only one, the first one, in the series but he certainly set the foundation for the future. I think in the extras you get a sense of the directing skills that made this film the great one that it is.

  • Making of The Fast and the Furious
  • Racer X: The article that inspired the movie
  • Deleted scenes with optional director commentary
  • Interactive eight camera angle stunt sequence
  • Movie Magic interactive special effects
  • Exclusive featurette on editing for the MPAA
  • Visual effect montage
  • Storyboards to final feature comparison
  • Music Videos (from Ja Rule, caddillac, Tah and Faith Evans)
  • DVD ROM: Features

There are so many extras on the DVD. If you are a student of film or someone who simply loves to watch the process of film making you’ll really appreciate the extras presented on the disc. First and foremost is the Deleted Scenes feature which is introduced by Rob Cohen. He talks about the process a director must go through in choosing which scenes stay and which scenes go. You can choose to hear the director’s comments for each of the deleted scenes or not.

Another interesting extra is the Interactive eight camera angle stunt sequence. You get to view each of the 8 running cameras used for the action sequence and the final cut. With 8 camera angles to choose from it sure would have been great if you could have edited the sequence yourself. I suppose one could grab the sequences from the DVD and edit them in Premiere or something else. But that would be w-r-o-n-g (shame on me for even suggesting that!).

If you’ve ever wondered about how a movie is created and then edited for it’s rating there is a great extra called: editing for the MPAA. Very interesting process to get the PG  rating they wanted in a movie that essentially was created as an R rated movie.

I found the running commentary to be really interesting and I think most of you will too. Rob reveals the backstory to the characters and insights into the world of the street racing culture. He did his research it seems. His commentary adds spice with his thought process in bringing the story into reality on the screen as well as specific character motivations. You’ll gain an added level of respect for Vin Diesel’s acting skills.

The DVD ROM extra features utilizes InterActual’s engine (one of the less invasive players – but I still don’t like it. PC only BTW). The interface looks cool, but the navigation sucks. The Movie, The Music, The Culture and The Downloads. Most all are text based content. You can play several music tracks from the movie. in the Downloads section you can download a demo of Supercar Street Challenge (SSC Demo), Screensaver, Wallpaper, Photos. You can play an arcade style game Street Player. The stuff is kinda cheesy.

Everyone gets something to watch—film student, action movie lover, and actors. And for that I’d say you still have to check out the extras on this DVD.

I give it ★★★★★