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Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll (2010) Amazon
Director: Mat Whitecross

The biopic of Ian Dury his life, his band (The Blockheads), the iconic, pioneering and eclectic British rock/punk performer. This his official website: http://www.iandury.co.uk/

  • My Tribeca Story with director Mat Whitecross
  • An interview with the team
  • Audio commentary
  • Deleted scenes

The running commentary is easy to listen to considering the subject matter. Director Mat Whitecross, actor and star of this film Andy Serkis, writer Paul Viragh, and producer Damian Jones contribute to this commentary. So, what you get is a light conversation about their remembrances of the movie, their thoughts on how to bring the story to life, the craziness of the characters (in real life – not the actors), and the difficulties of creating an independent movie. If you are familiar with the Blockheads and Ian Dury you like the extras on this DVD.

The extra named “My Tribeca Story” seems more like an advert for the Tribeca Film project. Mat talks about some of the craziness of getting this film made. Only a couple of minutes long, but it is cool nonetheless.  the The extra named “An interview with the team” also seems more like a trailer. Mat, Andy, and Paul all chime in for this 2 minute extra feature.

“Deleted scenes” is pretty cool. It only shows two deleted scenes but, they are quite revealing though there is no director voice over on this extra, they do talk about them in the running commentary.

One big problem for me with this release is the lack of movie subtitles when you are listening to the running commentary. A “must have” in my opinion.

So, I’d say you still have to check out the extras on this DVD. Especially if you are a fan of British Punk or just a fan of independent movies.

I give it ★★★☆☆