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RoboCop (20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) (1987) Amazon
Director: Paul Verhoeven

On this 20th anniversary edition disc set you’ll find both the theatrical version and director’s cut. There is no running commentary for the director’s cut. However, there is for the theatrical version.

  • Villains of Old Detroit
  • Special Effects: Then and Now
  • RoboCop: Creating a Legend
  • Flesh + Steel: The Making of RoboCop
  • Shooting RoboCop
  • Making RoboCop
  • Storyboard  Comparison

RoboCop: Creating a Legend. Fabulous commentary featuring Peter Weller, Paul, and Jon Davison (executive producer), et al. Terrific insight into what Peter had to go through to develop his part. A lot of the extra focuses on the RoboCop suit/costume and how it affected the performance, the character, Peter’s transition to and into the character. Actors will love this extra.

Special Effects: Then and Now features William Sandell (production designer), Rocco Gioffre (Matte Painter), Paul Verhoeven (director), the great Phil Tippett (ED-209 sequences creator), and Craig Davies (ED-2000 creator & designer) in the commentary. It is a great extra. You have to remember this movie was in production in the mid-eighties so stop animation with maquettes, hand painted back plates, practical models. Wow. What a craft it was. Lots of details on the full size ED-2000.

Villains of Old Detroit Features. Great 5 minute extra for actors. You’ll have some good fun and insight into character motivation and you’ll have a good laugh at the “bitches” portion. You’ll just have to see it. Poor Paul.

With the audio commentary (theatrical version only) you get to hear Paul, Edward Neumeier (writer), and Jon Davidson talk about the production of the movie. Paul talks about this being his first action movie, the problems with the violence and ratings, lots of anecdotes. These guys really have been drinking too much coffee. Non stop talking for the entire movie. Luckily, its all about the movie! You get a chance to hear what was going on in the minds of these guys on this landmark movie.

Flesh + Steel: The Making of RoboCop. Paul Sammon (RoboCop expert), Jon Davidson, et al. Paul really finds his “over-the-top groove” with this film. It talks about the how Paul came to this movie and how Peter came to become the star of the film. “A satire of the Regan (Ronald Regan and his Starwars years)” It actually encapsulated the entire 80s IMO. Paul talks about how the crucifixion and resurrection played into the story.  Basil Poledouris (original music) talks about the music produced for the movie.

Miguel Ferrer (Bob Morton) introduces the extra Shooting RoboCop in character. Ed Neumeier, Kurtwood Smith (Clarence Boddicker), Miguel , Peter, Dale Martin (special FX), and others add commentary during the shoot with behind the scenes footage. Making RoboCop is very similar but more like a making of trailer (albeit 8 minutes long).

One of the better storyboard comparison extras. Phil Tippett describes, in detail, many of the special effects storyboards (overlaid onto the actual footage).

Five raw deleted scenes (but no commentary! – disappointed). And there are a few other  bits and pieces. None worth mentioning.

So, even though only the theatrical version has a commentary track, I’d still say you have to check out the extras on this DVD. It has something for everyone.

I give it ★★★★★