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Run, Angel, Run (1969) Amazon Director: Jack Starrett

But, what makes this interesting is the running commentary by Joe Bob Briggs.

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From the main menu you have the option of playing the movie with or without an  introduction by Joe Bob (about 5 minutes long). I have to say his intro is great fun and informative. He talks about the significance of the movie itself and it’s place in the genre, he talks about the stars William Smith and Valerie Starett; their careers and their roles in the movie and many other tid bits. BTW, William Smith has a fascinating background. You won’t believe it until you hear it from Joe Bob!

The running commentary is really great. Joe Bob tells it like it is. And he knows his stuff.  You may have to be into the culture of outlaw biker gang movies to really appreciate this commentary but, I think anyone would find it entertaining. You’ll learn many facts and the stars and production that you can’t get anywhere else. Remember, this movie was made in the late 60s and producing a genre movie was a really budget conscious effort so corners had to be cut. Yet this movie was exceptional in that many firsts happened during the writing and the production. The story itself was a departure from the typical “biker” flick of the day. Camera effects and production techniques had several “firsts.” Now, while Joe Bob pokes fun at the story as a “chick flick/biker film” featuring a “sensitive” leading man (biker) who is torn between domesticity and the free lifestyle –  it’s all in good fun. And it’s something not seen before in this genre.

The trailers extra features are very cool in that it they must have found all of them including a number of foreign trailers!

So, I’d say “If you are into the “Biker Gang” genre . . . you should check out the extras on this DVD.”

I give it ★★★☆☆