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Supercross (2005) Amazon
Director: Steve Boyum

For those unfamiliar with the movie . . . here is an Editorial Review from IMDB.com:

“Welcome to the high-intensity, high-octane world of Supercross, the extreme sport where gravity knows no limits. Brothers KC and Trip Carlyle are up-and-coming motorcycle racers with limited opportunities, unlimited potential, and dreams of becoming champions. When KC’s big break comes in the form of a lucrative, corporate “factory” sponsorship, the brothers are torn apart, becoming bitter rivals both on and off the track. But when a tragic accident threatens their Supercross dreams, the brothers must cast aside their differences — and fear itself — to defy the odds and take the checkered flag!”
    • Side A Extras:
      • Full Screen Feature
      • Commentary by Director, Steve Boyum
      • Look at the amazing Stunts
      • Meet the Stunt Doubles
      • The Story
      • Behind The Industry
      • Cast & Crew
    • Side B Extras:
      • Widescreen Feature
      • Casting Session

It is interesting to note that Steve Howey did an excellent job as the lead actor (K.C. Carlyle) in this relatively small movie. You, of course, know Steve Howey from the series “Shameless“, Stan Helsing and many others. Award winning actor Channing Tatum plays the antagonist (Rowdy Sparks). Actually all the actors were fantastic. From Sophia BushCameron RichardsonRobert CarradineRobert Patrick, et al – well cast.

The running commentary by the director Steve Boyum is quite good. He gives you a detailed “behind the scenes” look at the making of the movie and character development. Really liked the care he put into making a very realistic movie, a movie with integrity

A Look at the Amazing Stunts. Comments on the stunts by David Pingree, Rich Taylor, Dave Castillo, and director Steve Boyum talk about the stunt work on the film. About 4 minutes.

The Stunt Doubles. The guys talk about their roles as stunt doubles. About 3 minutes.

The Story. Steve Boyum, Steve Howey, and Mike Vogel (Trip Carlyle), talk about the story “Supercross” 2:30 minutes.

Behind the Industry features comments by the stars and industry personnel. About 2 minutes.

Cast and Crew. Stars talk about the crew. About 2:30 minutes.

Casting Sessions is an 8 minute extra featuring Steve Boyum, Steve AustinKen Solarz

Most of the extras are very short and not very interesting (they would be better labeled as a trailer for the movie) except for the running commentary and the Casting Session extra. But, if you are into bikes you’ll certainly like the movie. If you are an actor, you might appreciate the commentary.

So, I’d say you might want to check out the extras on this DVD.

I give it ★★★☆☆